5 Common Mistakes That Worsen Dark Spot

Dark spots can be an embarrassing problem for many and are caused by various factors,.

 We often make common mistakes that worsen the problem. Here's what you need to avoid:

Some people believe that over-cleansing may help to lighten their skin and reduce dark spots, but It's WRONG. 

Never try harsh scrubs and exfoliants on your skin. Use gentle and natural skin care products to heal your skin.

Many times, people get impatient and try many skin care products for quick relief from dark spots. But it is "WRONG".

Sunscreen is essential for your skin whenever you go outdoors. It protects your skin from sun damage and prevents dark spots.

Home remedies like lemon can worsen the skin and make it sensitive to sun damage.

Use natural and ayurvedic skin care products from Tatvik Ayurveda to cure dark Spots. It's chemical-free, vegan, and does not cause any skin side effects.