Charcoal Soap


Key Ingredients:
Glycerine, Raw Organic Honey Extracts, Charcoal Powder, Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil.

Description & Benefits:
The Tatvik Bath & Body Charcoal soap is a paraben free natural soap essential for reducing excess oils from skin, in improving skin tone and in attaining a flawless look. The Tea Tree Oil treats clogged pores and makes your skin firmer. This soap is created to suit all skin types. This unique formulation of grated Charcoal and Olive oil can also be used as a hair cleanser for dandruff and dry scalp treatment. Tea tree oil also helps in skin whitening. The combination of the extracts from raw organic honey and glycerine adds smoothness, hydration and extra glow to the skin.

How To Use:
Wet the soap for a mild lather and rinse gently all over your face and body, for a deep cleansing and a naturally rich aromatic experience of pure essential oils to uplift your senses.

A Gentle Reminder:
As some users may have sensitive skin, kindly test the soap in a small patch of your wrist. As it is a completely natural soap, it is very safe to use on all skin types.

Net Weight: 65gms

Price: Rs 100/-

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