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Hygiene Care

Hygiene is an integral part of healthy grooming habits. Take complete care of your body and be a face in the crowd!

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Hand Sanitizer- Neem & Tulsi/100ml

125.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Hand Wash- Aloe Vera & Cucumber/250ml

450.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Hand Wash- Neem & Tulsi/250ml

450.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Hand Wash- Orange Blossom/250ml

450.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Hand Wash- Tea Rose/250ml

450.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Mridusparsha Aloe Vera & Cucumber Hand Wash

475.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Mridusparsha Lavender & Rosemary Hand Wash

475.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Mridusparsha Neem & Tulsi Hand Rub

99.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Mridusparsha Neem & Tulsi Hand wash

475.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Mridusparsha Orange & Pomegranate Hand Wash

475.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Personal Hygiene Products: 

Since the earliest days of civilization, people have desired to look attractive. However, a healthy and clean body is an integral part of the personal care routine. This is very necessary for making your skin radiant, fresh and healthy. That's where personal hygiene and personal care products become helpful. These products take good care of your skin and hair and help you make an outstanding impression.

Collection of Personal Hygiene Products at Tatvik Ayurveda Store: 

At Tatvik Ayurveda, we treat personal hygiene to be an inevitable part of healthy grooming habits. So, be it washing hands and sanitizing them, we offer products that help inculcate healthy habits.

We have a range of hand wash that kill harmful bacteria and protect us against various infections. Depending on your preference, we offer a complete range of hand washes. Choose among aloe vera & cucumber, neem & tulsi, orange blossom, and tea rose hand wash. In addition to keeping our hands clean, the Tatvik Ayurvedic hand wash variants clean the skin, moisturize it and protect it against harmful UV rays.

The Covid pandemic has necessitated the use of sanitizers in daily life. Our neem and tulsi sanitizer not only kills the micro-organisms present on our hands quickly but reduces bacterial count on our hands. Furthermore, pure neem oil kills most topical germs and makes the hands soft and supple. In addition, the 80% isopropyl alcohol utilized in this product inhibits the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Advantages of Personal Hygiene:

No one can deny the importance of personal hygiene in our daily life. So, if you are also someone, who wants to lead a healthy and hygienic life, then you must read on. Given below are some advantages of maintaining good personal hygiene.

  • Keeping good hygiene protects us from various infections or diseases that have the potential to weaken our immune system.
  • If we still get an infection, maintaining hygiene prevents spreading it to our loved ones and the people we interact with daily.
  • It helps us maintain our skin's pH levels, making our skin healthy and glowing over time.
  • It helps us avoid getting into unpleasant situations wherein people are disgusted by our presence and pass comments due to foul body odour.
  • It helps us feel good about ourselves, have self-confidence, appear attractive, and enhance our appearance.
  • It allows people to have faith in us regarding our capabilities to plan a safe and hygienic event where a large number of people are involved.

Collections of Personal Hygiene Products at Tatvik Ayurveda Online:

When it comes to personal hygiene, Tatvik Ayurveda has several products to help you maintain personal hygiene at home, work, or even travel. We have intimate wash products that you may use in the privacy and comfort of your home. We also have sanitizers, hand wash, and toiletries travel packs, which you may use at home, work, or even during travel.

Shop for Personal Care Products Online at Tatvik Ayurveda: 

Wherever you go, maintaining good hygiene is a must. So, we make it easier for you to order all personal hygiene products under one roof. Our products are not just safe but affordable as well. Just visit, select your favorite personal hygiene product, pay for it online and leave the rest to us. We will deliver the products to your doorstep.

Our best-selling Personal Care Products:


Why is hygiene care critical?

Good hygiene not only makes us feel good and attractive but also defines how other people see us. That's why maintaining proper hygiene is very important.


What products come under personal care?

The main products that come under personal care are sanitizers, hand wash, intimate wash products, and toiletries, including sanitary napkins for women.


How can you maintain hygiene while at home?

Hands are the most common source of infection. Hence, we should ensure that our hands are clean and germ-free. So, we should wash our hands regularly before and after having a meal. Always use a good hand wash like the ones offered by Tatvik Ayurveda after using the toilet, before preparing food, or even applying make-up or contact lenses.


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