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Shower Gel- Sandal & Tulsi/200ml

750.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Prakrutisparsha Almond Carrier Oil

825.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Hand Wash- Aloe Vera & Cucumber/250ml

450.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Prakurisparsha Camphor & Clary sage

1,475.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Shower Gel- Milk & Turmeric /200ml

750.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Luxury Bamboo Charcoal Soap/100gm

375.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Shuddhabuti Ginger and Olive Navel Oil

1,197.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Luxury Kesar & Nariyal Soap/100gm

375.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Manisugandha Lemon and Cedarwood Aromatherapy Massage Candles

525.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Prakrutisparsha Coconut Carrier Oil

1,895.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Pedicure and Manicure Spa @Home Kit(Luxury)/40ml

525.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Headache Pain Relieving Oil- Lavender, Lemongrass & Ginger/30ml

525.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Aloe Vera & Cucumber Soap/100 Gm

263.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

Premium Sweet Orange Soap/100gm

263.00 (MRP - Inclusive of all taxes)

#About Tatvik Reimagining Ayurveda for Everyone

Your Beauty is Our Passion And that’s what Tatvik Ayurveda – the ayurvedic online store believes in! Ever since the top Ayurvedic brand is established, the sole purpose has been to redefine the art of natural beauty and skincare products. We go out of our way to give you nothing less than – THE BEST! Tatvik Ayurveda follows the natural methods used in ancient times for skincare using selective herbs. Tatvik Ayurveda’s wide assorted range of beauty and skincare products is made without any chemicals and without testing them on animals. The only aim is to give every beauty buff holistic skin health that speaks for itself. One thing is for sure Ayurvedic standards for beauty are always unadulterated, fresh, and natural, which the Ayurveda store online surely maintains. Tatvik means something that is essential and has intrinsic value. Something that is interesting because of its rudimentary charisma, which is far, far away from any other connection. So, here we present – Tatvik Ayurveda – the one and only ayurvedic shop online for you! The Ayurveda online store rheostat the conception, preparation, making and sale of our organic beauty products online in India, by this means making sure that the quality & purity remains intact transversely all columns. We make sure that the beauty and skincare products are made up of those plants or their extracts that are stable on the count of nature and also boast of the vibratory vigour that establishes its lifespan. Products at Tatvik Ayurveda, the ayurvedic store online, cover all the cathartic, nourishing, and balancing properties required to nurture the skin and everlasting gorgeousness. Your best bet to buy ayurvedic products, hence, is Tatvik Ayurveda!

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